I invite you to join me for a deeply meditative and restorative Yoga Nidra experience.

Called ‘Yogic sleep’, this practice will restore the body and awaken the soul! There are so many benefits to a Yoga Nidra practice of which include calming the nervous system, improving sleep and reducing insomnia, therefore leading to reduced stress, anxiety, depression, and better overall health. Yoga Nidra guides you into the deepest state of sleep where the brain produces theta and delta waves, while remaining conscious throughout (but it’s ok if you actually fall asleep).

One hour of Yoga Nidra equals 4 hours of sleep!

Every Yoga Nidra practice starts by guiding you through a deep physical relaxation and mental ‘letting go’, allowing the subconscious to then explore through a visualization and quiet stillness, all while slowing the brain waves down and calming the central nervous system. 

We will move through a different visualization journey in each practice, and deepen the connection to self.

Starting December 6th, I will be guiding Yoga Nidra classes alternating Sundays from 3 – 4pm.  #selfcaresunday
Do your Sundays sometimes go sideways?
Not to worry – Each class recording will be sent through and available for replay for 1 week after!
series of 6 classes will be offered at a special rate of $122.
Single drop in class will be available for $22.

Hone the art of letting go and tuning in.

What to expect: All you need to do is lie down and listen. You will be guided through breath work, a body scan, meditation, and cultivating your Sankalpa (Sanskrit for Intention), along with some gentle sound therapy.    

To Prepare: In order to enhance your experience please find a comfortable, supported spot on your yoga mat or even in your bed, that is free from distraction so you can allow yourself to be fully in the experience. Wearing headphones will further optimize your ability to disconnect from your environment and stay present in the practice. Have a pen and journal nearby and wear comfortable clothing.